Carly Ryan

When teenager Carly Ryan went online to meet new friends, she thought she'd met the boy of her dreams in 18-year-old musician, Brandon Kane. She lived in Adelaide and he lived in Melbourne, so their relationship developed over the internet. They chatted intensely online for 18 months - always under the watchful eyes of both Carly's mother Sonya, and Brandon's stepfather, Shane. When Brandon couldn't come to her 15th birthday party, Carly was delighted that Shane said he would come instead. Being so far from home, Shane stayed the night but the following morning Sonya was horrified to discover Shane not in the guest room, but in Carly's room, sleeping on top of her bed. She threw him out of the house immediately. After begging and pleading, Sonya allowed Carly to continue chatting to Brandon online, and life continued as normal. Or so it seemed. On 19th February 2007, Carly went to stay the night with friends. When Sonya called Carly the next morning, Carly didn't answer and her mother was instantly worried. She then got a call from a man saying he'd found Carly's purse on the side of the road. Carly's body was discovered at a beach 80km south of Adelaide and the terrifying truth was revealed. Carly had kept a secret from her mother - she wasn't seeing friends. Carly had planned to meet Brandon. What neither Carly nor Sonia knew was that Brandon and Shane didn't exist. They were just two of more than 200 online personas created by 50-year-old Garry Newman. Newman lured Carly away from her family, attacked and killed her.

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