With the city's food supply dwindling, the Stargate Atlantis team must search for an alternate food source. At the suggestion of Teyla, they meet with Cowen, the leader of a simple group of farmers known as the Genii.
Untrusting of outsiders, Cowen is hesitant to agree to any sort of trading. However, he soon changes his tune when Major Sheppard demonstrates the Atlantis team's advanced weaponry, including C-4. His interest piqued, Cowen agrees to supply the Atlantis team with food in exchange for the explosives. Elated, Sheppard and Dr. McKay return to Atlantis to report their success to Dr. Weir, while Teyla and Lieutenant Ford enjoy the Genii's Harvest Ceremony.
However, when Sheppard and Mckay return to the Genii village, they stumble upon technology that leads them to believe the Genii are not at all what they seem.

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