Episode 6

An internet killer is targeting people who believe they wish to die and Mooney thinks he knows how to trap him. Renko and Hicks change tactic and bring the fight to Grace's door.

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Episode Discussion

Stefan posted a month ago

I very much enjoyed the series. The character development and the cat-and-mouse plot lines were great, but I think it could have been just as good without the whole dooms-day story line (especially being the title). I know it is supposed to be sci-fi along with the detective/crime element, but I am not sure what it really served in the series other than a way the wrap things up.
Seeing as the writer, Neil Cross has recently expressed his wish to continue the series beyond this first season, stating that he has sketched out a potential 5-year story arc, one wonders how they plan on moving forward. Is each series going to be a completely different scenario much like American Horror Story?

springfield45 posted 2 months ago

Entertaining, has action with good acting and cast.

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