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Blurryman Episode


....This wasn't supposed to make sense, right? There have been a couple good episodes, but all-in-all, this was crap.

The Witchfinders Episode

The Witchfinders

Little bit like the previous Who but still not digging the new vibe the show has taken.

Kickball 2: The Kickening Episode

Kickball 2: The Kickening

Originally produced to be the 21st episode of season 2, ABC held this episode off until season 3 even though it aired in the UK a month after the season 2 finale. While there are no huge inconsistencies, this episode should still be watched at least before "P&P Romance Factory" to be more cohesive because in that episode, Penny has a flashback to getting hit in the head with the kickball which happens in this episode, 5 episodes after she has the flashback. Also, despite bringing it up earlier in the season how he has a new haircut, Dave's hair looks as it did in season 2.