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The Witchfinders Episode

The Witchfinders

Little bit like the previous Who but still not digging the new vibe the show has taken.

Kickball 2: The Kickening Episode

Kickball 2: The Kickening

Originally produced to be the 21st episode of season 2, ABC held this episode off until season 3 even though it aired in the UK a month after the season 2 finale. While there are no huge inconsistencies, this episode should still be watched at least before "P&P Romance Factory" to be more cohesive because in that episode, Penny has a flashback to getting hit in the head with the kickball which happens in this episode, 5 episodes after she has the flashback. Also, despite bringing it up earlier in the season how he has a new haircut, Dave's hair looks as it did in season 2.


Your Father Should Know, Pt. 1

Despited 401 and 402 being a two part episode, part 1 was originally produced as a season 3 episode which was held over for season 4 once the show was cancelled by Fox and picked up by The WB months later. Part 2 was produced in season 4 to go along with it which explains why Bret Harrison is a guest star in part 1 but main cast in part 2. This also is a common occurrence in season 3 where he was added as main cast later, and due to it being aired out of order like many comedies, he alternates between guest star and main cast throughout the season as well as the 6 episodes from season 3 that aired in season 4.