The Guardian

While Tilly and Margot spend the day together, Weaver discovers that someone has taken the Dagger and tries to find it. In the past, Gold tests Alice to determine if she is the Guardian, and faces a test of his own.


By Gadfly on Apr 21, 2018

The Past Gold goes to a mausoleum and conjures a portrait of Belle and asks if she can hear him. as he talks about how he and Gideon miss her, Facilier steps out and tells him to let his pain out. Gold advises him to leave, but Facilier says that he came to help. He knows that Gold has met Alice and is wondering if she's the Guardian. He jabs a voodoo doll of Gold with a pin, but nothing happens. Gold chokes him and asks what Belle said, and Facilier says that the Guardian is pure of heart an…

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