Hammock + Balcony

The partying son of a Serbian war criminal takes his new bride to an exclusive French chateau for their honeymoon, and Matty assigns Leanna to work with Wilt, Mac, and Riley to go undercover and find out where the father is. Meanwhile, Jack convinces Elwood and Jill to help him break into Matty's house to find out what she's hiding from Mac.


By Gadfly on Mar 3, 2018

Somewhere in Tehran, Mac and Jack steal a hard drive from the secret police and as they escape, Jack gets stuck in a vent. Mac tells him to pee his pants to reduce the circumference of his waist. Jack refuses and they hear the secret police coming. Mac makes a crude block and tackle to pull Jack out, and Jack moans in pain. When Jack gets home, he calls Jill to come over and dislocate his shoulder. She does so and Jack refuses to tell her how he got injured. The team meets in the war room…

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