A Dark Knight: That Old Corpse

Jerome sends his followers a message from beyond the grave, and they hold a wake in the GCPD. Meanwhile, Jeremiah shows Bruce his new "clean" generator, and Butch grows impatient with Oswald's failure to find him a cure for his condition.


By Gadfly on May 5, 2018

At the grave of Jerome, his Clown followers drink a toast to him and then spit it out on the ground. Ecco rides up wearing a harlequin costume, and the Jongleur leader throws a knife at her. She deflects it with her bullhorn and then sets off a siren. Ecco then holds a cell phone up to the microphone, and Jerome says that he's dead but he has one last party to throw. He tells the Clowns to dig him up, and they eagerly go to work. Jim looks at Lee in the interrogation room, and Harvey asks him…

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