AKA Facetime

Jessica continues her search for Malus and the mystery woman. Meanwhile, Trish starts to go through drug withdrawal, Malcolm confronts his past, and Inez confronts Jeri over her ALS.


By Gadfly on Apr 1, 2018

Visitors run out of the aquarium and Jessica sees Malus and Leslie driving away. She runs after them and tries to get a photo of the plates, but her camera isn't working because of the aquarium water. She looks up at a CCTV and discovers that the jewelry store it belongs to is closed. Jessica gets a box of rice from a deli and tosses her phone in it to dry it out, and sees a tabloid magazine showing saying that Trish and Griffin are over. Back at her office, Jessica is drying off when her pho…

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slybrook posted 9 months ago

"we have this idea of who we're supposed to be, but... maybe we gotta blow that up just to find out who we really are"

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