Les Enfants du Sang

Jesse convinces Jody and T.C. to help him and Tulip rob Sabina's bank to get the souls to keep Marie--and Tulip--alive. Meanwhile, Eccarius shows Cassidy what a vampire can do when he puts his mind to it, and Starr continues plotting his coup against Allfather.


By Gadfly on Jul 30, 2018

Eugene looks at the smoking crater that is all that is left of Annville. The Texas department of Human Services worker takes him away, and Eugene wonders what the point was of everyone dying. He figures that going to Hell saved him, which means that God wants him alive as part of his plan. Back at the orphanage, Eugene packs his things and says that his story is just beginning. His fellow resident says that everyone in his family died when he went to live with them. He says that it's the end…

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