Guinea Pig Story

War with Germany was imminent and it was foreseen that the fighting in the skies with petrol laden aircraft was bound to result in massive burn injuries to the pilots and crew.

Sir Archibald McIndoe founded the Guinea Pig Club, probably most exclusive club in the world; and one that no one would want to join given the chance. This brilliant surgeon directed operations, re-constructed men and inspired his patients to rebuild their own lives and go on to achieve further successes in society.

The spirit of the Guinea Pigs has lived on for sixty years; this is the remarkable story of those heroic men and the vital battles they fought, both in the air and on the ground. Over six hundred brave young men who were not ever defeated, who rose again to victory and represented the amazing spirit so dear to the nation. In just a few years time this very special club will cease to exist. This is truly a story worth telling of how these elite aircrew survived against all odds.

This unique DVD details this story from beginning to end giving you actual accounts, insights to the pilots lives and experiences.

Sir Archibald McIndoe once said One day someone will tell the story of the Guinea Pigs the way it should be told.

The documentary film makers of this DVD believe that they have fulfilled Sir Archibald McIndoe's wish.

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