no Mercy

Reeva and the Inner Circle launch their attack on Creed Financial, but things don't go entirely as Reeva planned. John and the others try to get Reed to somewhere safe, while Caitlin learns from Otto's files about someone who may be able to help her husband control his new powers.



By Gadfly on Nov 14, 2018

Chicago, IL: Eight Years Ago At a community action center, Benazir is leading a gathering of mutants and says that they need to let the human arrivals know that they don’t belong. Reeva is there and warns that people are scared of them. She says that there has to be another way, but Benazir disagrees. As they leave, Benazir approaches Reeva outside and warns that they need a place that is theirs and their living a lie. Three men approach them and knock Reeva aside when she tries to interfere.…

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