The Book of Blood: Chapter One: Requiem

Death strikes close to home for the Pierce family, and Jeff has trouble coping. Jace offers Lynn a solution to saving the Green Light babies, and a new threat emerges in South Freeland.


By Gadfly on Nov 14, 2018

Peter visits an Asian merchant and buys fruit. He drives off in his SUV, and a van pulls up to him and the men inside open fire. Peter quickly accelerates and the shooters pursue him. Peter' SUV is bulletproof but the bullets start penetrating. The van goes off the road and explodes. The people in the neighborhood come over and tape the burning SUV while the shooters drive off. Anissa goes to the clinic and offers her serves as a volunteer to Holt. He admits that they haven't had many volunte…

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gmpugs posted 2 months ago

This episode: whoa. Just whoa...

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