The Tsuranga Conundrum

After a sonic mine detonates, injuring them, the TARDIS crew wake up on a medical ship. They soon discover that they're trapped with an omnivore that threatens the ship's integrity... and the authorities will blow up the ship rather than let the creature endanger thousands of patients.


By Gadfly on Nov 5, 2018

The TARDIS materializes on Selfilum, a planet covered in junk, and search for a part. Graham finds something and the Doctor, upon seeing it, tells everyone to freeze. She scans it and explains that it's a sonic mine, and it's counting down. It counts down and explodes in a matter of seconds. Later, the Doctor wakes up and her companions tell her at they're at a hospital on Tsuranga and she's the last one up. The medical staffers, Mabli and Astos, assure them that they've stabilized their vita…

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Episode Discussion

jepafo posted 2 months ago

Cross between Alien and Gremlins and a couple other movies/series. Just missing the *meep-meep* of the road runner...

And agree with @Gislef, the messaging ruins this episode (and the entire series so far).

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