The Flash & The Furious

When a new meta-tech villain--Silver Ghost--helps Jocelyn Jackam escape, Nora wonders if Jocelyn wants to reform as she claims. Meanwhile, Barry is forced to stay in the pipeline after a confrontation with Silver Ghost, and Cisco discovers a possible meta-human cure.



By Gadfly on Jan 16, 2019

2049 Nora tells the imprisoned Eobard that he's lucky she came back at all. He tells her to ask her questions, and Eobard admits that he killed her grandmother in front of Barry. Eobard says that the murder changed the destiny of Barry, Nora, and himself, and tells Nora that he was inspired by Barry like Nora is, and wanted to be the Flash. Nora says that he'll never be the flash, and Eobard admits that realization broke him and led him to do the evil things that he did. She asks why Eobard d…

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