Nightmare Monkeys

Gar tests Perdita's Goode Goggles and enters a nightmare mental realm where he has to watch everyone he knows die again. In Happy Harbor, the team learns more about Victor while Megan wonders if she and Conner will ever have any time alone.


By Gadfly on Jan 25, 2019

Klamulon soldiers move in as Tork says that their first mistake was killing his friend. He transforms into a gorilla and attacks the soldiers, then beams up to the ship. On the set, Gar's co-star Paul Sloane congratulates Gar on his performance. Gretchen comes over and assures Gar that the dailies are spectacular, and says that at Good World studios she handles everything. She compliments Garth on his mother's one-season TV show , and says that the chemistry between Paul and Marie was special. P…

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