Episode 6

When the Danish police arrive at the illegal chicken farm, the building is burning brightly. Many of the forced laborers who were locked up there died in the flames. Survivors leave no doubt: this was modern slavery at its worst. But most evidence is lost in the flames so the only key to nailing Loukauskis is buried in Jean Louis' material. But Jean Louis seems to have lost his mind suffering from post-traumatic stress after having been tortured. Everything Alicia can get out of him is a love poem he recites. A sign? A key? A hidden message? Or just nonsense? When the team gets hold of the phone conversation between prostitute Maria and her mother Iris Gabler that Jackie was about to confront the jazz singer with, the missing connection between the killed prostitutes, Loukauskis' "business" and the murder attempt on Jackie comes to light. Finally, they have something in their hands to go after Loukauskis. But when they fi nally get access to Jean Louis' material on Loukauskis, the shocking news is that they just scratched on the tip of the iceberg.

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