The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives

Armageddon arrives, and Adam must choose between fathers with a little help from Aziraphale and Crowley. Anathema chooses whether she wants to be a descendant, Shadwell wonders how many nipples Tracy has, and Dog breaks through a hedge.


By Gadfly on Jun 9, 2019

In Hell, Beelzebub, Hastur, and Dagon go to an execution chamber. A bathtub is waiting, and a gallery of lesser demons look on. The ruling demons take their thrones and the usher announces that the trial of Crowley, ending with his obliteration, begins. Guards bring Crowley in and the demon lords tell him that he doesn't have a defense lawyer and they built the place particularly for his trial and destruction. ----- Earlier, Crowley arrives at Tadfield Air Base and greets Aziraphale in Tr…

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Myshows posted 24 days ago

Well, that's a proper Queen movie.

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