Hanging Coffins / Kazakh Monster

In the Philippines, there is a strange place called Echo Valley. In this valley, which is located on Luzon Island, the local Igorot tribe claims that coffins containing their dead are haunted. Strange lights, disembodied voices and even violent hallucinations have been reported in the area of these coffins.

The Kiyik Adam of Kazakhstan is said to be a huge, hulking creature that terrorizes the locals, not unlike the legendary Bigfoot. With a furry hide, bulging muscles and razor sharp claws, just the sight of this beast would be enough to drive many people mad and, since the locals are reporting frequent sightings, it's up to Josh to track the Kiyik Adam down.

Episode Discussion

ifixdit posted a year ago

So sad this series was canceled, it was entertaining and adventurous, but I'm sure Josh is riding much more comfortably in his new series. Syfy wouldn't ever let Josh rent a Porsche before!

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