Phone Free Day

In order to avoid buying Anna-Kat a cellphone, Katie makes a pact with the girls that she and Taylor can go an entire day without using their phones. Meanwhile, disappointed with Greg's advice, Oliver seeks the guidance of an old friend.

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mike1616 posted 6 months ago

This episode shows everyone the real reason why kids are getting worse every day.

The youngest child keeps stealing her big sisters phone and never gets punished for it.

Instead, the mother goes without her own phone but if she can't do it for 1 full day she has to get new phones for both girls.

Both girls should have been given punishments and the mother should have never made the deal about going without her phone for even 1 second.

MY RANT......

This is just like a child getting detention in school and not showing up for it. If they keep ignoring the detention they simply get suspended and that's when the fun starts for the student.

Real punishment should be used when a child (or adult) do something wrong.

If all the NAY Sayer's want us not to punish some one, let them deal with the fall out.

It will change there minds so quickly that they might give them selves whiplash.

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