The Girl with the Red Lightning

Cicada II assembles the part to build an atomizer that will release the meta-human killing virus, and Nora tries to use her psychic connection to the villain to find out what she's going to do next despite the risk.



By Gadfly on May 8, 2019

The timer on Eobard's cell counts down to zero, and Shinick comes in and asks how it feels to know he's going to become extinct. Shinick activates the "rehabilitation" torture and Eobard screams in pain. Guards come in with a portable chamber and say that it's time, and Eobard secretly chuckles. At the cabin, Cicada works on the atomizer. Orlin says that they have to wipe out all of the metas on the planet, and Cicada assures him that it will work. He tells his daughter that it's time to fini…

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