Ghost in the Fire

Seg discovers that Brainiac lives on... in him. Lobo vows to kill Brainiac, and Seg and Adam escape him. On Krypton, Nyssa gives valuable intel to the Resistance, while Lyta meets someone who reminds her of Seg.



By Gadfly on Jun 20, 2019

Two Sagitari search the wilderness by skimmer and are attacked by Doomsday. Val and Jax meet with the Resistance on Wegthor, and Val tells the members that Zod has stolen their better tomorrow and they're stealing it back. Everyone cheers his words. In Kandor, Zod finds Lyta looking at a holographic projection of Seg. He puts a comforting hand on Lyta's shoulder. On Colu, Seg wakes up first and finds himself chained to a tree back-to-back with Adam. Lobo tells Seg that he won't escape t…

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