Back from service, Alfred Pennyworth tries to make a go of it as a security consultant and ends up working as a doorman at a nightclub. However, things change for him when he bumps into an American, Thomas Wayne.



By Gadfly on Aug 18, 2019

In 1960s England, Lord Rupert Longbrass and his party ride across the fields, hunting foxes. They bring it down and a woman, Bet Sykes, confronts Longbrass. He tells her to get off of his land and Bet refuses. A man grabs Longbrass and pulls him off is horse, and Bet says that nobody has rights. She hits him and says that she's nobody, and Longbrass has been a bad boy and has to come with them. Bet tells Longbrass that she came a long way on orders to bring Longbrass in,In London, Alfred Pennywo…

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casper1701e posted 8 months ago

Ok love it already...just 15 minutes in and I was hooked. Looks like it's going to be a very fun show...good work, Epix.

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