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Promises, Promises Episode

Promises, Promises

Yeah...just not feeling it like before guys, and I'll say it again, HUGE mistake bringing a wannabe Jessica on board in the form of Katherine Heigl. Terrible..just terrible.

Casus Belli Episode

Casus Belli

Why oh why did a much better than that show, like The Last Ship, decide to join the let's make it all about race and the hatred and jealousy of the United States bandwagon???? I can never ever express how sick to death I am of that crap.

I Fall to Pieces Episode

I Fall to Pieces

What happened to Doc is all Wynonna's fault. He felt so hurt and so rejected by her...he fell right into the trap of that sicko, up to no good wife of his. Such a shame and what a waste...not fond of this turn of events at all.

Pecking Order Episode

Pecking Order

Yeah I repeat...I REALLY don't care for Katherine Heigel on this show.