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Leaving Storybrooke Episode

Leaving Storybrooke

Wow...horrible ending for a show that's been so magical and on the air for seven years. Why more than one timeline with 2 Henrys, 2 Hooks...made no sense. Emma a total afterthought...if even a either Henry...really guys you could have done so much better than that. Very disappointed.

Dark Side of the Moon Episode

Dark Side of the Moon

The only difference between Lena and Lex is her true colors have yet to surface. She's not fooling anyone.

Fury Rogue Episode

Fury Rogue

Love Leo Snart in any form, and he respects Barry just as much as the "original" baddie did; and he is especially funny in this form lol.

The Fanatical Episode

The Fanatical

This show and so many others...I'm sick to death of it too. There are several potentially good shows out there that I simply won't watch because of that.