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Liabilities Episode


OMG are you kidding me???? That bitch moseley is still here? When the FRAK are you gonna get rid of that frakin bitch already? Hetty is back and that c is gonna dismantle the team because Hetty hand-picked them? WTF!! God it's been a long time since I have hated a TV character so vehemently but man oh man I DESPISE this c!!!!

Pilot Episode


I had a strong feeling I'd like this show and I really do. Nice job CBS.

Trapped Episode


This was the best ep of the entire season so far. Todd Williams plays a real dick on Good Behavior...sort of nice to see him play a sexy egotistical lover lol, and Jeanette O'Connor was a hoot as the nosy neighbor.

The Venue Episode

The Venue

They just keep getting better lol.