Worlds Apart

After witnessing the explosion that seemingly killed Alec and the swamp creature, Abby approaches Avery in an attempt to get at Alec's files. Susie is drawn to the swamp where she meets the newly created Swamp Thing, and one of Avery's men stalks her.


By Gadfly on Jun 8, 2019

In the swamp, the transformed Alec Holland crawls out of the water. A police car pulls up nearby and the "Swamp Thing" moves off into the trees rather than be seen. Abby leads the search for Alec, telling Matt that Alec has to be alive. Swamp Thing watches from the shadows as Sheriff Lucilia Cable arrives. Matt figures that they won't find any remains given the explosion, and suggests a spark from the engine ignited the fuel tank. Abby disagrees, and Lucilia sees her. The CDC doctor says Alec…

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