Darkness on the Edge of Town

A new disease spreads from the swamp, and Swamp Thing tells Abby that it's only the beginning. Daniel queries Xanadu about his mission, Jason sees a sample of Swamp Thing's cell structure and has questions, and Avery takes Susie into his house.


By Gadfly on Jun 22, 2019

Avery takes Gordon's body out into the swamp, starts a fire, and drags the body out of his car. As he does so, Avery remembers the past. Avery's father Burritt made him cut open an alligator when they were night-hunting. Young Avery says that he can't, and Burritt tells him that the alligator has "swamp eyes" not worth a second of mercy. When the young boy still refuses, Burritt kills the alligator himself. Avery kicks the body into the fire and dispassionately watches it burn. Todd and…

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