The Joining of Unlike Things

The killer takes another victim: a headmaster from Philo's foundling home. The Black Ravens realize that a mole is in their midst and suspect Vignette, Alistair confronts Ritter about Jonah's abduction, and Philo chooses which world he belongs in.


By Gadfly on Sep 8, 2019

Light of the Martyr Foundling Home: The Burgue A foundling, Jacob, gets up in the middle of the night and goes to the headmaster's office. He asks to go to the loo, and the headmaster tells him to go straight there and back. As Jacob leaves, he hears the sounds of a struggle and turns back. The headmaster tries to crawl out of his office and a bestial form drags him back, lifts him up, and rips out his stomach. Jacob walks back and sees the headmaster's corpse on the floor. Later that nigh…

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