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Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2

As Jean-Luc Picard endeavors to convince Soji to turn against Sutra and the android population of Coppelius' drive to call the synthetic alliance, Narek joins up with the crew of La Sirena to stop Commodore Oh and the oncoming attack fleet.

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Episode Discussion

heyted posted a day ago

Great season finale.  Looking forward to season 2. 

Myshows posted 10 days ago

Damn, they killed off one of my all-time favorite Star Trek characters for the second time!

Did Brent also help to write it as Nemesis? Just kidding. But seriously, they had his consciousness all this time and couldn't transfer it? Or at least make it possible for other not dead people to interact with?

JuanArango posted 13 days ago

I strongly have to disagree here, in my opinion this was badly written and the last 15 min felt like 3 hours, all this moralic cringeworthy stuff. 

TomislavMuskovic posted 14 days ago

just don`t understand who would give such low scores for this episode and even before it was aired.

This was great episode and well-worth season finale, just perfect, great story all-around all season. Little bit unnaswered who were those synthetic beings trying to get it through that portal? I have some idea but not really sure, maybe they were the same syntetic AI beings from Star Trek Discovery, kinda looked fammiliar when i saw them and maybe that portal was from another time? certanly will be very interesting to see if they will come back in Season 2. 

And of course Picard was just absolutely brilliant in this season finale, don`t want to spoil it just yet what happens with Picard but it will be very interesting where will his character go, do next, in the next season, just can`t wait for the Season 2.


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