R v Floyd

Missy (Adrienne Pickering) and Joshua Floyd (Martin Henderson) are Australia's most newsworthy couple: the bestselling author of a controversial memoir, and the founder of an on-line leaks site currently facing treason charges. A bitter Cleaver (Richard Roxburgh), having been ditched by Barney (Russell Dykstra), represents a 'mammophile' peeping tom for the incompetent solicitor Lincoln Lincoln (Rhys Muldoon). Wendy (Caroline Brazier) needs his help with Fuzz (Keegan Joyce), in anguish after Sally's abortion, but Cleaver is under pressure to meet the emotional and physical needs of his sugar mummy, Kirsty (Robyn Malcolm) and is being cleverly outplayed by Harry-Sorry-David (Matt Day) in his defamation case. His only joy comes from setting Kirsty and Col (Steve le Marquand) loose on a Joshua Floyd soiree where Joshua shocks Cleaver and the Sydney bar by inviting Cleaver to represent him in the case of the decade. Cleaver has a lucrative brief, his own chambers and is in America Today as 'leading human rights lawyer, Cleaver Greene'. Are things about to go right?

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