Without A Prayer

Forensic File, episode titled, "Without a Prayer", was created because of atheist, Madalyn Murray-O'Hair's activities in removing daily prayers, from public schools, in the early 1960's. There were three deaths, Madalyn, her second son, Jon Garth Murray, and Robin Murray-O'Hair. Robin was a daughter of Madalyn's Christian son, William J. Murray. All three were killed by a temporary atheistic member she fired, David Roland Waters. Madalyn fired Waters after he stole from the atheist headquarters. When Waters returned the stolen money and police did not jail him, this infuriated Madalyn! Leading her to write a story of Waters, calling him homosexual and claimed Waters even had sexual affairs with animals. After reading O'Hair's newspaper article, Waters' tension was so sharp, that David Roland Waters immediately planned to kill Madalyn Murray-O'Hair (and anyone else that was with her) as his quickest his way of revenge. He and Gary Karr also planned on torturing them so she and anyone else that maybe with her, died in heavy grieving pains! Waters' three murders were at the same time, because they were together, when he was wanting revenge to kill Madalyn O'Hair, for firing him and especially the deeply embarrassing newspaper article she composed, after Austin Police did not jail David Roland Waters, after he immediately paid back the money he had stolen. The three disappearances and deaths was almost five and a half years unsolved, are much like Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance, near Detroit, Michagin, on Wednesday, July 30th, 1975. Hoffa's disappearance is still unsolved, being over forty years. Madalyn's first son, and father of Robin, O'Hair, William J. Murray personally spoke for himself, in this Forensic File. He become a Christian and picked Baptist faith, near Mother's Day weekend, of Sunday, May 11th, 1980. When Madalyn heard this, she never spoke to him anymore. William personally said that he regretted in being a part of taking prayer out of public schools.

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