Sign of the Zodiac

In 1996 a killer terrorized New York murdering 8 random people. Investigators begin finding with each new victim a strange pattern began to immerge. Each victim found at different locations and appeared to be unrelated victims were being killed each month representing the astrological sign of the new victims. With little evidence and no apparent connection between the victims the investigators were stumped as the city began to fear the unknown self proclaimed zodiac killer. Investigators needed a break and confident this suspect was not the same one who terrorized San Francisco the case needed another victim if they were to get a new clue. And the next victim of the zodiac proved to be the break needed. Growing sloppy or unlucky, the zodiac failed to kill the next victim, giving investigators their first their first account of the suspect. Next in his letters to authorities the second clue was uncovered a licked envelope by the suspect provided the DNA of the zodiac to authorities. They now possibly had the forensic evidence needed to bring down this maniac and end his murdering spree haunting the City

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