Deadly Cults

According to government statistics, there are an estimated 5,000 cults currently operating in the United States. And each year there are approximately 200,000 Americans who serve as secret--and, for the most part, willing--members. But just what are these cults? And what makes some so dangerous? We'll uncover the psychological allure of cults, their charismatic leaders and insidious methods of controlling their members. How do ordinary people become trapped in these fringe groups, apparently unable to leave? Led by compelling self-proclaimed prophets, cults are clandestine, influential and all too often, destructive. Are their goals religious, political or simply financial? How and why does the government monitor or intervene in some cults--yet seemingly turn a blind eye to other's secret and perhaps sinister agendas? Jonestown survivor Tim Carter remembers the last day of Peoples Temple, and the horrific aftermath.

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