Побег (Escape)

By Olga Bobrova appeals for help by her former colleague Lt. Col. Anton Yakovlev, with whom she had an affair in his youth. Together they are searching for two escapees from the colony of criminals - the rapist and murderer Michael Golovin Goshu Chobua. The corollary establishes that Golovin, convicted a few years ago for the rape of his own stepson Alexei Kharitonov, it can threaten him and his mother Clara, and their common son, Daniel. Bobrov, and Yakovlev, chatting with his mother Golovin Zinaida Petrovna, but it is not recognized, where hides her son. Investigators detained Gosha, who says that he and Golovin managed to bribe the guard. Only after the mysterious disappearance of Alexis and recognition Goshi, Zinaida Petrovna said that she organized and paid for his son escapes and gives Bobrova him. Bobrov sent to the apartment Golovin, where he keeps Alexis, and also becomes his hostage ...

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