Birds of a Feather

To help a small Colorado town caught in the middle of a right-of-way war between two rival rail companies, and to help out an old friend, Paladin tries to find a way to resolve the matter peacefully. The problem is, neither side wants peace.


By Gadfly on Dec 17, 2016

At the Carlton, Hey Boy brings Paladin the papers, and Paladin finds an article about a clash of the Texas, Colorado, and Overland, and Continental Divide. They're arguing over right-of-way in Big Spur, Colorado, and both sides have hired gunmen. The town is now an armed camp and Sheriff Dave Quinn says that he's powerless to rein things in. Later, Paladin rids into Big Spur and finds the buildings boarded up and for sale. He approaches a woman on a carriage and asks where everyone is, but th…

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