Silver Convoy

Paladin infiltrates a Mexican hacienda to learn the fate of an American forced to work in the Don's mines. When he discovers that the Don's workers have a high fatality rate, Paladin leads a local revolt.


By Gadfly on Dec 18, 2016

At a hacienda in Mexico, Pablo Reyes has his man Regaldo pay off the local peasants. Pablo then throws a knife at Regaldo's hat, pinning it to a tree. Regaldo tosses it back and Pablo ducks out of the way. When Regaldo points out that Pablo lost their wager by moving, Pablo refuses to pay. When one of the peasants laughs, Regaldo slaps him for his rudeness. Regaldo then warns Pablo that his father still has doubts that he can lead the silver convoy. Paladin comes in through the gates, tired a…

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