The Cure

Paladin makes the acquaintance of a drunken Martha Jane Conroy, aka Calamity Jane. He takes pity on her and agrees to help her collect her money from her former manager, Ned Blackstock.

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By Gadfly on Feb 12, 2017

At the Carleton, Paladin enters the lobby and finds a woman passed out on the couch, holding a gun. Hey Girl and the clerk McGinnis wonder if she's dead, and look to Paladin. Paladin flips her out of the couch, and the woman jerks awake, clearly drunk. He realizes that she's Martha Jane Conway, aka "Calamity Jane." Paladin tells McGinnis to prepare his bath and Hey Girl to pack his bags, and then carries Martha up to his suite. He pours her a bath and she finally agrees to get in once Paladin st…

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