An old miner, Boise Peabody, is diagnosed for death, and decides to make a mark for himself by challenging the mine camp bully to a shootout. Boise wins but asks Paladin to protect him when the dead man's brother comes looking for revenge.

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By Gadfly on Apr 23, 2017

Paladin is in the Carlton lobby reading a paper. A woman, Phyllis Kirkland, comes in and tells Hey Boy to notify Paladin that she's there. Paladin tries to avoid her while Hey Boy claims that Paladin is far out of town and promises to tell him that she called. Another woman arrives and asks the clerk for Paladin, and Phyllis overhears her. Paladin realizes that he'd better leave and rides off on a job. As Paladin approaches a town on his way to Sacramento, two men approach him and ask if he's…

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