When a young man comes to kill Paladin to pay off his gambling IOUs, Paladin stops him and tells him the story of how he faced a similar dilemma ten years earlier... and became the man known as Paladin.


By Gadfly on Jul 9, 2017

Paladin returns to his room and inside a man with a gun hides. He fires and misses, and Paladin jumps him. After a vicious fight, Paladin takes his attacker down, Paladin takes the man's pistol, wakes him up, aims it at him, and demands an explanation. The young man says that his name is Roderick Jefferson, and he's a lousy gambler. To pay off his IOUs, he undertook a job to kill Paladin. Paladin says that he's met Roderick... in the mirror, ten years ago. He was receiving a small monthly remitt…

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