Heaven Sent

The Doctor finds himself trapped and alone in an inescapable castle, stalked by an enemy that can't be fought. If he doesn't solve the puzzle of his captivity, then he will never leave.


By Gadfly on Nov 29, 2015

The Doctor materializes inside a vast castle, seconds after someone pulls a lever and their body disintegrates into dust. Stepping out, the Doctor remembers watching Clara die. There is sand on the floor, and as the Doctor studies it he warns his captors that he will never stop if they had any part in killing Clara. He steps out and looks out the window, and sees nothing but a grey landscape and grey clouds. Judging by the teleportation equipment, the Doctor concludes that he is no more than a l…

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Episode Discussion

Dubs posted a year ago

i agree with sammy_hunt 100%

sammy_hunt posted 2 years ago

This is one of the best written, best conceived episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen. Right up there with Blink, but 100% creepier. Way better than that Sandman crap a couple episodes ago. Whoever says this episode is boring clearly was not paying attention in the least.

teros posted 2 years ago

I think this was one of the worst episodes ever! The idea and the concept was fine but the realisation just sucked. Boring, tiring, dull. I actually felt the 2 billion years passing through the episode. Anyways every great show has its weak episodes and that was definitely one of them. Only for hardcore fans.

DPh2902 posted 2 years ago

I thought this was horribly disconnected and had zero flow ... this has been dismal season in my opinion ...

zutroy posted 2 years ago

This was the best episode of Doctor Who in a very long time. Definitely in my top 3 of all Nu Who.

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