The episode opens with Batman and Katana chasing after Anarchy, however he leads to them to a trap with the police. Despite his trap, both Batman and Katana defeat the police and escape. Mayor Grange decides to resign as mayor, leading to an election for a new mayor. The media shows that Dent's obsession with the Batman may cost him the election. Through Desperation to rid the city of Batman, Harvey Dent allies himself with Anarky, who recruits a new "hero" to take Batman's place: the newest member of the Special Crimes Unit, Deathstroke. Bruce has arranged a date for Katana with Dane, but they are awarded with each other. While Bruce is on a date with Ava.

Dane soon has to leave, for Dent needs him, and give Katana a way home. During Bruce's date, man with guns come in wanting jewels, but seeing Bruce among the crowd, they decided they want him. Before Bruce can stop them, a man burst through the window and defeats them. Dent presents the figure as Deathstroke; Batman, Katana, and Alfred attempt to figure out who he is. Katana thinks they go and look for him, but Batman says that he will find them instead. Elsewhere a sale is going down, and Batman and Katana Intervene, so does Deathstroke. Deathstroke wants to arrested him, but Batman replies that they are on the same side. Deathstroke disagrees, for Batman is a hero, and that and Katana are his weaknesses. Deathstroke mentions that he is leverage, and they fight. Deathstroke runs and plant's a bomb where a civilian is working. Batman saves the civilian, while Katana continues the chase after Deathstroke. Deathstroke proves that she is no match for him. Batman catches up, but not before Deathstroke detonates a bomb that injures Katana. Batman brings her to Ava for treatment; Batman wants to move her as soon she Is stable for her being there may endanger the other patients. Ava promises to take care of her, and asks Batman to get who is responsible; which he agrees and thanks her for watching over her. They discover that Deathstroke is a hired mercenary, who will stop at nothing until the job he was hire for is done. Batman thinks it was Dent, but he doesn't have the connections to hire him, so it must be some else who hired him. Batman heads to visit Dent; it shows Dent, Anarchy, and Deathstroke in a meeting, with Dent telling him to be more careful. However, Deathstroke doesn't seem to care, all the matters to him is getting the job done. Dent tells Anarchy to talk some sense into him, but Deathstroke proves that he is not a match for Deathstroke. Dent thinks he will kill him, but instead kidnaps him. Batman finds out that it was Anarchy who hired Deathstroke, but Deathstroke turned on him. Anarchy gives him a choice, fight him or save Dent from Deathstroke; Batman decides save Dent. Dent asks Deathstroke why he betrayed him, when he was the one who hired him along with Anarchy. Deathstroke explains that yes he was hired by him to get rid of Batman, and that I'd nothing more than the bait for Batman. Batman knows he will expect him, so he does something unexpected and asks the media to give him a ride. During the ride, the media asks why he is willing to risk his life to save Dent, despite the fact that he is trying to get rid of him; Batman answers that he is here to save all citizens, no matter how misguided they are. Deathstroke gives Batman two choice: He presses a button and Dent dies, or kill him and save Dent. Either way, Deathstroke believes that it will end Batman being a hero. They fight, as the media watches on. Both realize that neither will concede, so Deathstroke triggers the explosive to kill Dent, and attempts to flee by jumping off, however Batman manages to catch both, and states that none of them will die, but Deathstroke cuts the line holding him, and disappears in the fog below. Despite saving Dent, he still believes that Batman is the bad guy, and that it is his job to uphold the law, but after getting a call from Anarchy, Batman comments on if dealing with criminals is still holding up the law? He then leaves, and heads home. At home Bruce, with Katana and Alfred they watch the news proclaiming him as a hero, however Dent still willing to capture Batman. The mayor race is still on; the media questions Dent involvement, but denies it. As they watch, he thinks about Deathstroke falling to him death. Alfred claims that it wasn't Batman's fault, that Deathstroke chose his fate, Bruce comments that he knows it isn't not Batman's fault.

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