The Vampire

A victim of Janos Skorzeny, the vampire that Kolchak dispatched in Las Vegas, has risen from a shallow grave and traveled to Los Angeles. Now she is posing as a prostitute and feeding on her clients, and Kolchak comes to town to investigate the killings.


By Gadfly on Nov 30, 2015

Carl narrates: with the state of Nevada digging up the desert for new road. May 2nd, an airline stewardess, Elena Muñoz, is driving through the desert when her car gets a flat tire and she cuts her finger while setting up the jack. The blood drips on the ground . . . and she witnesses something claw itself up out of the ground. Munoz flees and when the authority returns, nothing is there.In Chicago, Carl meets with an old friend, reporter turned anchorman Swede Brytowski, who has heard about blo…

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