The Boy in the Shroud

Brennan and Hodgins join Booth and Cam at a crime scene beside an overturned garbage truck. Among the trash in the truck is the body of a young man wrapped in a shroud. Brennan finds that his skull is cracked and his leg is broken, and Hodgins determines the victim has been in the trash heap for at least three weeks. At the lab, Angela is able to identify the body from a facial imprint created by the shroud. As Booth and Brennan try to unravel the limited clues of the case, the parents of the deceased boy point a suspicious finger at their son's young girlfriend, Kelly, a product of the foster system. Brennan takes her team members' rush to judgment and criticism of Kelly to heart since she's a product of the foster system as well. When Kelly confesses to the murder of her boyfriend, Brennan and Booth don't buy it, but are shocked and disheartened to discover who the real murderer is. Meanwhile, things get tense when Brennan and Cam butt heads over their different work styles and Brennan recoils at Cam's power plays. When a disagreement comes to a head, Cam threatens to start looking for Brennan's replacement, even if it means losing the whole Jeffersonian team if they're forced to take sides.