Episode 4

Lina's secular view of her faith is tested when her brother is arrested for anti-Israeli activism, while Erin's breakthrough in a horrific murder case leads her to question her principles.

Erin finds herself digging deeper into the Stone/Mervich case. Discovering harrowing evidence of the physical abuse the sisters suffered at the hands of Ray Stone, Erin is forced to question her own principles. Despite Rhys's insistence that she look at the case objectively, she wonders whether prosecuting against such battered women is unjust. Lina's personal and professional lives intersect when Tariq gets in trouble with the police. Her brother's activism forces her to examine her own Islamic identity. Still recovering from his grandfather's death, Ben gets back to work on an emotionally testing case: the accidental death of a child left in a car by his parents. The DPP is put into an awkward position when an elderly computer expert comes forward having skimmed hundreds of thousands of dollars off subscribers to a hardcore porn site – his real intention being to generate publicity for his anti-pornography campaign. Tatum is shocked to discover that Richard is not gay – but insists that Conrad never finds out.

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