While Nathan tries to find his way back to Haven, the Guard hunt down Dwight to stop him from giving the crystal to Croatoan. However, the group's plan to trap Croatoan in the new Barn fails, forcing Audrey to take desperate measures.


By Gadfly on Dec 18, 2015

At the station, Audrey tells Stan to tell everyone to stay inside and claim that there's a gas leak. She says that he should spend time with his family, and Stan admits that he doesn't have any before leaving. Once he's gone, Audrey wishes that Nathan was there because she needs his help. At the diner in Cleaves Mill, Nathan and Parker work out that they're in Maine but have no idea how they got there. Parker says that at least they know each other even if they can't remember anything else, b…

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Episode Discussion

shevanje030 posted a year ago

Too bad "they" had to cancell it, pretty sweet show....

everdeen posted 3 years ago

Kinda liked the ending :) But sad that we wont get anymore of it... Gonna miss Emily Rose face on the screen...One of the most beautiful women on TV.

abarba posted 3 years ago

Haven is over after 5 seasons.

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