Rise of the Villains: Mommy's Little Monster

Jim begins to realize that Theo has orchestrated everything to become mayor. Meanwhile, Oswald swears revenge on the man who killed his mother, and Edward tries to cover up Kristen's death but faces an opponent that knows his every move.


By Gadfly on Nov 3, 2015

Butch leads Oswald and his men to the warehouse at the port where Theo is holding Gertrude. Gertrude promises to make Theo and Tabitha pay for what they've done. They enter the warehouse and find Gertrude in a cell, and Oswald says that he's taking her home. The lights come up, and Theo and Tabitha step out. Tabitha admits that she's been torturing Gertrude, and Theo insists that the woman is older. He holds up a key and says that it's the only way to open the cell. Oswald orders Butch to shoot…

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Thogek posted 3 years ago

Oswald and Ed seem to be experiencing one over-the-edge break after another, lately, aren't they?

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