Absolute Justice

Clark and Chloe discover that someone is stalking and killing former criminals. Further research uncovers that the "criminals" are heroes of the last generation, framed by the government for crimes they didn't commit. Now new heroes must band with the old heroes--the Justice Society of America--if they hope to stop the killer.


By Gadfly on Dec 2, 2015

Chloe is leaving a coffee café and trying to call Clark. She leaves him a message saying that she's trying to set up a meeting of heroes. Suddenly all the power in the area goes out. Chloe looks around sees a figure glowing with electricity. Running to him, she finds a man wielding an energy rod. He introduces himself as Sylvester Pemberton and says that they're both trying to put a team together. He knows all about Watchtower and notes that his friends did it first. Suddenly the temperature dro…

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