Project Reborn

Tommy remains trapped in Evernow... unless Ren can free him. Meanwhile, Quentin must face his sister and make the ultimate choice, Luke takes extreme measures to stop the first solar flare, and Malina and Tommy discover the sacrifice that must be made to save the world.


By Gadfly on Jan 22, 2016

Carlos, Micah, and Jose take the wounded Farah to the abandoned hospital in Odessa after everyone else has been moved to the shelters. Using his medivac training, Carlos stabilizes Farah with the available equipment after Micah reactivates the electricity. In the Renautus sub-level, Ren and Emily realize that Tommy is trapped in Evernow. In the Evernow computer construct, Tommy discovers that his powers don't work. The lights come on, showing an endless corridor leading off into the distan…

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Episode Discussion

Rickiesgal posted 2 years ago

and of course they had to set up a future story leaving us with unanswered questions sigh

Rickiesgal posted 2 years ago

This will be final episode since the revival has been cancelled. Hope it has a satisfactory ending at least.

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