The Old and the Restless

Shawn and Gus have run into a problem on their latest case. They are investigating the disappearance of Oswald Chester in a place that is impossible to sneak into, Glorious Pines, the most exclusive retirement community in Santa Barbara. They convince Henry to go undercover as Talmadge McGulager, who has actually gotten in off the wait list. However, Shawn has already informed the real Talmadge that he cannot move in for three more days giving them time to investigate. Once inside, they hook up with their client, Jervis Kent. Jervis is a security guard with minimal clearance but he did manage to get Talmadge the empty bed in Oswald's room. Oswald disappeared three days ago but the Glorious Pines staff and the police refuse to investigate since Oswald has a history of disappearing then reappearing a few days later. But Jervis, being Oswald's best friend, knows that this time is different. Shawn spots Oswald's wallet next to a rope bracelet on the nightstand. He concludes that Oswald wouldn't voluntarily take off without money and an ID. Gus sees that he's left his blood pressure medication behind as well. Shawn notices evidence that Oswald was training for a marathon and deduces he probably went missing on one of his practice runs.

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