Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing

There is a thunderstorm in Santa Barbara that has been causing the electricity to flicker on and off, but that doesn't stop Lassiter from making the bust of his career. Five years ago, he arrested Ernesto Chavez, second in command of the Cinco Reyes street gang, but the D.A. couldn't make the charges stick and Chavez disappeared. This time around, they've got enough hard evidence to get a conviction, something that Detective Drimmer and his gang unit has been unable to do. Everyone turns to watch Lassiter bring in Chavez, who glares at McNab as he walks by. Lassiter, then, hands off Chavez to be processed and put in a cell as he is called into Vick's office where the FBI is waiting for him. Lassiter is furious to learn that Chavez cut a deal with the Feds and will be entering a witness relocation program, thus avoiding prosecution. Vick orders an angry Lassiter to retrieve Chavez from his cell and turn him over. He leaves and the lights flicker out once again, only this time a shot is heard in the darkness. The lights come back on and everyone runs down to the holding cells to find Lassiter standing over a dead Chavez with a smoking gun in his hands.

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