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Chief Vick calls Shawn and Gus down to the station. Shawn asks if he's finally getting an official cop badge but instead he is told that a severed foot was found by hikers on a trail near Lake Cachuma. The foot was in plain sight, so the cops believe it was meant to be found. They may have a murder on their hands and they need Shawn to psychically figure out to whom the foot belongs. From scars and other identifiers, Shawn and Gus deduce that the foot belongs to Vlad Alexavic, the pro-kicker for the Thunderbirds. He always kicks without a shoe and hasn't been at training camp, supposedly because he is holding out. Shawn and Gus show up at training camp and meet Lassiter and Juliet there. They talk to the coach, Sammy Winslow, a retired quarterback and childhood hero of Shawn's. Sammy is shocked to hear about Vlad and grants them access to the team. Lassiter and Juliet interview the players. One of them, Matt Tompkins, tells them he heard Vlad owed bookies and recently lost even more money after failing to open a nightclub with one of his Russian cousins. Meanwhile, Shawn and Gus find Vlad's cell phone in his locker and see that he received a threatening text message. Lassiter thinks it all points to the Russian mob but Shawn worries the evidence was too easy to find. As the cops get a proper search warrant for Vlad's belongings, Shawn and Gus talk Sammy into letting them investigate undercover with the team.

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