The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode

A man is chumming the waters off of a boat at night, when a shark jumps out and latches onto his arm, dragging him into the sea. The next morning, Lassiter and Juliet are at the beach where the body of what appears to be a shark attack victim has washed ashore. Lassiter thinks he sees what might be a knife wound among the shark bites. He sees Shawn and Gus approach, and, determined not to be outdone this time, beats Shawn to the punch, claiming to the press that the victim was murdered. The reporters crucify him, but Shawn is on board with his theory, having spotted the possible knife wound himself. They all go to the coroner, who says he can't identify the victim off of fingerprints since the fingers are still in the shark, along with the victim's wallet. Lassiter says he'll put out a bulletin for anyone who catches a shark so they can at least identify the man, but Shawn still pushes the murder angle. The coroner says he can't rule out a stab wound but the knife used would have been jagged, like a tooth. Now Lassiter is more determined to find the shark in order to ID the victim and start tracking down his killer.

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